Expansion joints – Medio Desplazamiento / Joint JCV-300

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Model Admitted movement (Mm) Dimensions (Mm) Weight (Kg)
a b c f g h L
JCV-300 76 432 54 88 152 305 342 1830 81,6

Small displacement joints type JCV-300 are made of 100% neoprene. They are devices that allow the relative movements of medium magnitude between two parts of a structure. Used in bridges with light traffic. They work either if the movements are due to temperature, ambient or external agents such as vehicular traffic. They are reinforced with internal A-36 steel plates. We comply with the International Standard AASHTO and the national standard NEVI.

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Weight 81.6 kg
Dimensions 183 × 43.2 × 5.4 cm

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