Grupo Vikingo

Grupo Vikingo and its division of Cauchos is the pioneer company in the rubber industry, offers more than 30,000 items at its disposal, has an ideal infrastructure capable of satisfying the demands of our customers in service, quality, low cost and Delivery time.

Experts in the manufacture of expansion joints for bridges and their installation, the only manufacturer in Ecuador of support devices for bridges in NEOPRENO and also the only company manufacturing seismic insulators.

Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Commitment
  • Punctuality
  • Seriousness
  • Trust

Our Experience

More than 4,500 meters of joints INSTALLED
More than 6,500 meters of joint provisions.
More than 50,000 Kilos of Rubber processed every year
More than 34 years of experience

Skills and Key Services

ISO 9001:2015
The only company in the country with “Production of Rubber articles” certification
Infrastructure and cutting edge technology, we are the only ones at national level to have these departments.
Since 1983, our experience characterizes us, our customers support it.
Fast Delivery

We are the fastest in the market to delivery our orders. See for yourself!

Our Team

We always surround ourselves with the best staff. Our team has more than 30 years of experience and is continuously trained to give the best service to our customers

History Cauchos Vikingo

MARCH 1983

March 17, 1983 Is founded Cauchos Vikingo in the city of Quito – Ecuador, the first bill is issued in the name of Mr. Francisco Holguín (+). The name Vikings is due to the rudeness of these people, to their temperament and character to remain in force as a synonym of strength. It adopts this name to emulate the qualities of these legendary warriors in our products.


The first craft workshop was located on Calle Ríos 13-16 between Olmedo and Esmeraldas. In a place of 20 m². Old address of company founder


The workshop was moved to a place in the citadel of the broom, in San Rafael in the Rumiñahui Sangolquí Canton in an area of 100 m².


He moved to a rented property in Calle Maldonado 408 and Alonso de Angulo in an area of 600 m2. This transfer is carried out due to the need to respond more quickly and efficiently to our customers.


In April, a plot of land is acquired to build an industrial complex that currently has 5000 m2 and 3000 m2 of sheds.


A loan was made by the CFN (National Financial Corporation) for the first importation of technology; Presses, cauldron, lathes, milling machines, extruders, injectors, welding and various tools.


Due to new urban regulations, we had to move part of the Maldonado’s workshop to the new industrial complex, where large machines were found, thus consolidating the whole factory in one place.


Keeping the trend of technology, a new Management arrives with many ideas of changes and improvements, guiding the path to the future of rubber in Ecuador


Was implemented Grupo Vikingo®, covers several industrial branches, such as: Rubber, Metallurgy, Design and Construction. Today we have facilities for works in Metalworking, Vulcanization, Extrusion of profiles, Injection of rubber, Milling.

In order to serve you more effectively we have at your disposal several engineers in different branches such as: Civil, mechanical, electronic, commercial and chemical engineer.


Implementation of the first own Rubber Laboratory in the plant, able to perform tests of traction, percentage of deformation, thermal aging, compression, hardness, according to ASTM standards.


We built new offices in factory, very modern, with state-of-the-art technology, more than 70m2 for the areas of sales, warehouses, production and customer service.

Direct imports of Neoprene were made, more than 26 tons of product.

Construction of new Machinery for extrusion lines, construction of new presses to better satisfy the market.

Beginning of implementation of ISO 9001: 2015.


New Offices in Guayaquil, distributors nationwide.

New Sales Office North Sector in Quito.


First and only rubber company in Ecuador, with ISO 9001: 2008 Certification for rubber manufacturing processes.


First and only rubber company in Ecuador with ISO 9001: 2008 Certification In rubber manufacturing processes.


First and only rubber company in Ecuador with ISO 9001: 2008 Certification In rubber manufacturing processes.

Our clients


"We make a company to last, we have more than 30 years in the market..."
Orlando Fuentes
"I am grateful to Cauchos Vikingo for the good work done on the main valve seal at the Hidrocatalina plant"
Diego Alarcon
"Good, Efficient, Cordial and Economical"
Homero Alvear
“Met the contract before the established time”
Patricio Oyervide
I work in this company since 1992 and during this last stage we have grown and become a strong company in the country.
Jorge Luis Chango
In companies like Vikingo it is very important to educate the customer so that they can then have the price that corresponds to the quality that is needed.
Victor Dvoskin


Our vision

Consolidate ourselves as the preferred rubber company in innovation, quality and service at international level, ratifying our quality, good service and excellent prices.

Our mission

To provide society with rubber products, civil engineering and metalworking services, which meet quality standards, through an efficient management of human talent, using state-of-the-art technology and committed to meeting the expectations of our customers.

Quality politics

We are a company dedicated to the manufacture of all types of rubbers, we have the ISO 9001: 2015 certification, which allows us to guarantee the well-being to our collaborators through permanent trainings that guarantee the fulfillment of the expectations of our clients.


Lathes (2), Milling cutters (2), Die cutters (1), Welders (5) MIG TIG, Plasma cutting machine (1), Folding machine up to 8mm (1), Shearing machines up to 6mm (6), electronic hydraulic plate presses (6). Extruder (1), Autoclave (2), Rubber mills (3), Mill closed (1), Calender (1). Capacity to process 1500 kg of rubber DAILY.

Our facilities

We have an area of sheds of over 3000 m2 in our factory. AREAS OF PARK in all our warehouses, two strategic stores in the North and South of Quito

Equipment and sales offices in Quito and Guayaquil, Cuenca, Manta and Portoviejo exclusive distributors and technical personnel for All of Ecuador