Plate Acoustic reduction

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Characteristic Valor
 Roll (Largo x Ancho):  20m x 1m, 10m x 1m
 Roll (Thickness):  3 mm
 Peso (m2):  2.05 kgs
 Color:  Black / Beige
 Surface:  Fine-grained structure
 Tensile strength:  0,6 Mpa (ASTM D412)
 Elongation at break:  Aprox 50 % (ASTM D412)
 Density:  Aprox 0,39 g / cm3
 Service Temp:  -30 ° C a + 80 ° C
 Environmental Behavior:  – Limited resistance to impact sound: 15dB.
– Easy to install.
– Fully recycled.
– Minimum height of Construction.
– Suitable for placing on both floors of concrete and floating floor.
– Suitable for Rehabilitation or new constructions.
– Excellent thermal properties

The acoustic sheet is an elastic layer suitable for use in most floor finishes. It has been developed to minimize noise in various applications; Including residential, industrial, educational, hospital, pharmaceutical, recreational and leisure centers.

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