Special earthquake-resistant reinforcements designed to withstand and mitigate large-scale structural movements in all kinds of structures, in the event of an earthquake or very sudden thermal expansion, these reinforcements absorb the shocks of slabs and help support the loads so that The construction does not suffer structural damages.


Refuerzos antisísmicos


– The lifetime of the board is about 20 years.

– Ozone resistant and most chemical oxidants.

– They are designed to withstand heavy loads, for large movements, especially earthquakes.

Technical Specifications of Neoprene





Testing method

IR spectroscopy Neoprene FT-IR spectrum ASTM D3677-10
Indentation hardness 65±5* Shore A ASTM D 2240
Burst load >190 Kgs /cm² ASTM D 412
Elongation at break 45 a 65 ≥425
56 a 65 ≥350
66 a 75 ≥300
% ASTM D 412
Steel-rubber adhesion ≥11.8 N/mm ASTM D429 Method B
Tearing resistance ≥32 kNm ASTM D624 (Mold C)
Low temperature resistance -30 ºC ASTM D 1329
Resistance to ozone No cracks ASTM D 1149  (D518 method A) 100 ppm O (100 hours a 38ºC)
Remaining deformation 35 % from. Maximum ASTM D 395 Method B (22 hours a 100º C)
Thermal Aging 15
± Shore A
% Initial load
% Initial elongation
ASTM D573 By hot air (70 HORAS 100º C)
Construction method for bridges AASHTO M251


Steel Technical Characteristics A36


Elastic limit (MPA) ≥ 250
Resistance to attraction (MPA) ≥ 390
Minimum elongation 200 mm (%) ≥ 20
Minimum elongation 50 mm (%) ≥ 23


Types of Reinforcements

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