17 May 2016

On Tuesday, May 17th, the conference “Puente Los Caras: Seismic-Resistant Behavior, Conceptual and Constructive Design.” was held in the College of Civil Engineers of Pichincha (CICP) auditorium, which showcased the different effects caused by the earthquake on April 16th in the province of Manabí. The Engineers Marcelo Romo and Pedro Mosquera exposed the absence of Seismic Insulators in the civil works that were affected by the earthquake movement, as well as the significant advantages in the use of this insulators regarding this kind of environmental events.

CAUCHOS VIKINGO  was present at the event with a product line exhibition of his Construction line: Expansion joints, neoprene supports, And in its Road safety lineSSpeed bumpers, Wall protectors, Cable glands, Bollards, Column guards, Parking stops, Omega stopper, Pyramid stop, Boarding stop and Rubber floors and carpets.